Report a missed collection

  • Flats above shops: Please be aware you can't order clear disposable recycling bags or report missed recycling collections for flats above shops online. Please call 020 7974 4444 to order or report over the phone. We apologise for the inconvenience.
*1. Was your rubbish and/or recycling ready for collection before 7am?
*2. Was your collection missed less than 3 days ago?
3. If you are reporting a missed recycling, food or garden waste collection, did it include only the correct contents?
Find out what the correct contents are
  • Mixed recycling: Yes please:
    • Plastics, such as yoghurt pots, fruit punnets, drinks and milk bottles, shampoo and shower gel bottles.
    • Metals, such as clean food and drink cans, empty aerosol cans, clean aluminium foil.
    • Glass (all colours), such as drinks bottles, food jars, sauce bottles.
    • Card and paper such as newspapers and magazines, cereal boxes, egg boxes, corrugated card, envelopes.
    No thanks:
    • Plastic such as polystyrene packing, plastic furniture, tupperware containers, black bin liners, sweet liners and crisps packets.
    • Metals such as paint cans.
    • Glass such as panes or toughened glass, light bulbs, mirrors, broken glass, crockery.
    • Paper and card such as used tissues,wallpaper, waxed paper, foil backed card, card with padding, bubble packs.
    See a longer list hereFood waste:Yes please:
    • Fruit & vegetables
    • Meat & fish
    • Bread, pastries, pasta & rice
    • Teabags and coffee grounds
    No thanks:
    • Plastic bags and food packaging.
    • Cooking oil
    Garden waste:Yes please:
    • Grass cuttings and garden prunings
    • Weeds and dead flowers
    • Leaves and bark
    No thanks:
    • Soil
    • Plant pots, stones and building materials
    • Large tree cuttings
    • Any other general rubbish
    See a longer list here
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