Our latest timetable

Classes will be either face to face or online.  Class sizes will be small so that you can sit at a safe distance from each other.  All venues have been risk assessed to make learning as safe as possible for you.

Everyone must wear a face mask.


Courses will be starting from 28 September.

Our autumn term timetable is now available.  Find out which courses are available to you:

Autumn Term Timetable 2020


Computers, tablets and phones

Don't be digitally excluded

Many people found themselves lonely, isolated and dependent on others during lockdown - was that you or someone you know?

Being able to use a smartphone, tablet or laptop/computer gives you the freedom to talk with and see friends and family across the world, and even to make new friends and interests.  You can also shop and search for jobs online.  If you have never used one of these devices now is the time to learn.

Our face to face courses are for completely new (or nearly new) beginners to get you online so that you use one of these devices.  There is a course for learning to use a laptop, one for the iPad and there will be one for using a smartphone coming soon.  If you're worried about starting, don't be, our tutors are friendly and patient, and will help you to relax and soon you'll love learning with us!

Workshop Wednesdays! 

There are half hour online workshops for anyone who cannot attend a class, or if you just want to learn one thing.  Register your interest through the enrolment system and the tutor will contact you to confirm a time.

All other classes will be online.

Please use this link: www.webenrol.com/camden to enrol and see the list of our classes. 

Some courses you can apply for directly, others you register your interest and the tutor will contact you to confirm your place.


English and Maths

Previous/returning learners:

We are offering all ESOL and Maths learners the chance to continue their class. This is through home-study workbooks and telephone chats with your tutor.  Your tutor will support you through a phone call.  Your tutor will contact you soon to chat about what is the best way to help you.

Please contact Sophie Wellstood at sophie.wellstood@camden.gov.uk or call 020 7974 3959 or 07971 747 064.

For all new ESOL learner enquiries:

Please contact the Camden ESOL Advice Service directly on 020 7974 1618 or send an email to esol@camden.gov.uk.


Family Learning

We will be offering Family Learning learners the chance to continue classes where possible.  This will be through home study, activities and online videos and sessions.  We are working in partnership with a community centre and are supporting their centre users during lockdown.

Information about online courses, if they are delivered later this term, will be posted here.  So look out for our storytelling, rhymes and other fun sessions to do together as a family.

Find out more information about free Family Learning activities.


Health and wellbeing

We are working in partnership with community centres that are supporting their centre users during the lockdown.  Many of the centres are distributing food parcels and providing other support to people.  We are working with them, where possible, to liaise with learners and provide learning activities.  Community partners are welcome to contact us if they would like us to work with them to plan learning activities.  Information about online courses, if they are delivered later this term, will be posted here.

You can now also enquire and enrol on our online courses at www.webenrol.com/camden

Contact Camden Adult Community Services or follow us on Instagram: wearecamdenacl

Information and enrolment days

Our next Information and Enrolment Day is:

To be confirmed

Free family learning courses

Latest online family learning programme

Find out about our latest online family learning courses


Simple fun activities to do with your child during Covid-19

We know that being stuck at home isn't the best. Here are a few simple activities you can do with your child to make self-isolation at home more fun:

Live storytelling with Alison

There will be live storytelling sessions with Alison.  If you would like to join her online for storytelling, music and activities, send Alison a text on 07876 651 950. State your interest and your children's ages.  She will then send you a link to the live sessions.

Our most recent storytelling session read by Alison was 'Jasper's Beanstalk' by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen.  You can watch this story being read on our Instagram page.  We also have a fun activity that goes along with this story and can be found just above.

But for now, sit your child down with their favourite toy. Find out if Jasper grows a beanstalk tall enough to reach the clouds and the giants!

Watch storytelling session of 'Jasper's Beanstalk' with Alison

Free drop-in computer workshops

  • Do you need to learn to use the computer?
  • Send a CV as an attachment?  
  • Register with Universal Jobmatch or any other agency?  
  • Pay your parking online?  
  • Shop online? 

Come any week for as many weeks as you need.

For more information on when these computer workshops will be held, please contact Camden adult community learning

Improve your English

Camden adult community learning can help you improve your English language skills. We make you feel more able to join in with your local community and get more out of everyday life.  

We also have free drop-in conversation groups across the borough, where you can come and practice speaking English. 

For more information on when these conversation groups will be held, please contact Camden adult community learning

Upcoming courses, opportunities and events

ESOL activities by Camden ESOL advisory service

Find out the latest ESOL activities to help your English language skills


Free eBook 'Everybody Worries' by Jon Burgerman. For children worried about coronavirus

Do you have children who are feeling worried by the coronavirus? 

'Everybody Worries' offers your child the reassuring message that this crisis will pass. We are there for them, and we will get through this together. 

Read the eBook.


Domestic Abuse - Where to get help during the COVID-19 pandemic

Are you feeling threatened or unsafe in your home?  COVID-19 may have a serious impact on those experiencing domestic abuse due to enforced social isolation.  Find out more information on where you can turn to for help.


Camden Cycle Skills and Try-A-Bike

Camden Council offer free cycle skills training for all adults and children. From complete beginners to advanced cyclists.

Free children's cycling courses are held during the school holidays.  Free adult group courses for beginners and improvers are offered on many weekends. Some are away from traffic and others on quiet roads. 

Free, individual cycle skills sessions to practice safer cycling in road traffic are available for advanced levels of experience.  And anyone can join at the open-access after-school cycling sessions. These are on Mondays and Thursdays after school at Cumberland Market and Richard Cobden School.

Adults who are thinking of buying a bike but are not quite sure, can borrow a bike for four weeks. This is with Camden's free Try-A-Bike scheme.  Proof of ID and advance deposit required.

Check www.camden.gov.uk/cycleskills and www.camden.gov.uk/tryabike for registration or more details. You can also follow Camden Cycle on Facebook at facebook.com/cyclingcamden. Or call 020 7974 1451.


Camden Apprenticeships

Want to earn while learning or training? Got ambition but need more work experience?

If you live in Camden or you attended a Camden secondary school, contact Camden Apprenticeships.

An apprenticeship allows you to earn a salary, get work experience and complete a qualification at the same time. Camden Apprenticeships creates a wide range of roles, helping people of all ages access their chosen careers. There is now no upper age limit.

See more information about apprenticeships.


Do you need careers advice?

Come along and get FREE careers advice from a qualified Advice and Guidance Officer who can provide one-to-one support with: 

  • Career options
  • Links to local job opportunities
  • Writing a CV
  • Job searching and completing application forms
  • Interview skills
  • Information on further training

To book an appointment, contact David Hermanstein on 020 7388 7932 or 07908 845 154 or david.hermanstein@camden.gov.uk

Contact Camden Adult Community Services