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Business rubbish and recycling

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Business rubbish and recycling in Camden

Why choose Camden for your business recycling and waste?

With Veolia, we offer professional, reliable, flexible services to suit your business needs, with no hidden extras or charges. 

We can provide tailored pay-as-you-go or contract services with:

  • competitive prices
  • a wide range of services and container types (bags, wheelie or Euro bins)
  • an online customer hub where you can check your account details and invoices
  • a dedicated customer support team
  • environmentally responsible recycling processing, with zero waste to landfill
  • assurance that you are complying with your legal responsibilities and provision of an annual 'Duty of Care' certificate

View Camden's business recycling & waste guide

or contact Veolia's business recycling & waste team on 020 3567 5320 or by email at [email protected] to discuss your needs.

Business recycling and waste customer hub

Our Camden Veolia business recycling and waste customer hub gives you direct access to your online account. Here existing customers can: 

  • view billing documents and pay invoices
  • view documents relating to your contract
  • order recycling bags, general waste bags and tape for cardboard recycling
  • update their profile

Log into your Camden Veoila business waste customer hub

How to manage business recycling and waste collections at work

Business waste legal responsibilities

If you run a business, you must ensure that your recycling or waste is collected, transported and disposed of by a licensed waste carrier. This is a legal requirement under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This is called your 'duty of care'.

Find out more about your responsibilities 

You remain legally responsible for your recycling and waste until it has been collected.

If you put your recycling or waste out at the wrong time or in the wrong place you could be fined or prosecuted. 

The cost of your duty of care notice is in addition to any bag or bin lift agreement and covers the administrative functions attributed to the transportation, storage and processing of waste, as set out in Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

You will be charged for your duty of care annually and this ensures your business waste is fully compliant with the law. Recycling and waste collection costs are not included in your business rates.

View Camden's business recycling & waste guide

or contact Veolia's business recycling & waste team on 020 3567 5320 or by email at [email protected] to discuss your needs.

Check your business collection times

Some areas of Camden have specific collection times - these are called time banded collections.

If your business is located in one of these areas you will need to put your recycling and waste out no more than 30 minutes before your agreed collection time. 

Time banded collections were introduced to:

•    improve street and environment quality
•    avoid obstruction on our streets
•    reduce the amount of illegally dumped rubbish
•    encourage and change behaviour towards waste and the environment

Check collection times for:

How to use your business recycling and waste containers

Bag Collections 

To make sure your recycling and general rubbish bags are collected on time, and that the streets stay clean, it is important that you:

  • use the bags provided
  • only put items that can be recycled in your recycling bags
  • tie your bags securely to avoid spillages
  • do not overload bags, put builders rubble in them or other hazardous wastes 
  • flat pack and bundle cardboard.
  • put your bags out at the kerbside so they are visible, but do not block the footpath
  • only put your bags out at the agreed times and days

Bin collections

Bins should not be stored on the public footpath. If you do not have space for bins within your business premises we recommend you use a bag service.

To allow your bins are collected on time it is important that you:

  • use the bins provided as part of your contract 
  • make sure your bins are accessible and in the agreed location by 7am on your collection day
  • make sure your recycling bin only contains recyclable items 
  • do not overload your bins
  • make sure lids are closed (and locked if required)
  • do not put builders’ rubble or hazardous waste in your bins

Login to your customer account or call Veolia's business waste team on 020 3567 5320 to order new containers

How to manage your recycling at work

We encourage all businesses to recycle as much as possible. Recycling is better for the environment and can save your business money.

To ensure you get the most from your recycling service, it is important that your staff know what items can and cannot be recycled. You can do this by:

  • setting up internal recycling bins
  • having the correct signage next to your bins
  • appointing a green team or recycling champion

We can also provide recycling posters and stickers.  

Request business recycling posters and stickers by email to [email protected]

or call Veolia's business waste team on 020 3567 5320 to discuss your needs.

Other business recycling and waste collections

Do not put the following items into your recycling or general rubbish:

  • batteries and electricals
  • bulky waste (such as furniture)
  • clinical waste and sharps
  • hazardous waste (such as asbestos)

Camden Veolia offer separate collection services for: 

  • coffee cup recycling
  • confidential waste
  • bulky waste
  • hazardous waste
  • waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

Call Veolia's business waste team on 020 3567 5320 to request a service and discuss your needs.

Find your nearest business waste site

You can take your business waste to sites across North London:

Find your nearest business waste site (PDF)