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Euston and HS2

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Euston and HS2

We want any development that takes place at Euston Station to meet the Euston Area Plan vision. Central to this is having more affordable homes and local jobs at Euston.

We are in the process of reviewing the Euston Area Plan following the Government’s decision to pause construction of HS2 at Euston and to design the station at a reduced cost. Our updated Euston Area Plan will guide any development that takes place above and around the stations as part of this. 

Camden Council also commissioned independent economic experts to assess the potential economic benefits of a locally led regeneration of Euston Station. The report found that the regeneration of Euston Station could contribute £41bn to the UK economy by 2053, create 34,000 new jobs, and provide the opportunity to build 2,500 new homes including 1,200 affordable homes. 

A summary of the report’s key findings and the full Euston Economic Impact Assessment are available here: 

Camden has been pressing for Euston Station to be redeveloped so that it brings together plans for HS2, Network Rail and Underground stations. This can create a world-class station that gives opportunities for: 

  • 2,500 homes 
  • Over 15,000 new jobs on site (up to 21,000 depending on station design), and potentially up to 34,000 jobs including construction jobs and wider jobs in the local economy 
  • New public and green spaces 
  • Cultural and community facilities 
  • A better-connected Euston with new routes through and around the station

We continue to push for an integrated station, and the delivery of new homes, jobs, and open spaces at Euston, through our membership of the Euston Partnership Board. We are also raising the issue at the highest levels in government. 

The Euston Economic Impact Assessment notes that a locally led Development Corporation would be the best fit at Euston, with Camden in a leadership role, working alongside the community and key partners. Camden will continue to advocate for a local and inclusive approach to regeneration at Euston.