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Camden Health and Care Citizens' Assembly

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Health and Care Citizens' Assembly

The borough's first Health and Care Citizens' Assembly launched in February 2020.

The Citizens’ Assembly brought together a representative cross-section of local residents for discussions around health and care services in the borough.

These discussions are leading to expectations that will be presented to the Council and local health and care organisations. These will inform the Camden Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy, which will act as a framework for health and care services in the borough over the next few years.

The Assembly represents the first stage of the Health and Wellbeing Board’s ongoing commitment to co-designing services with residents.

Download Camden Health and Care Citizens’ Assembly Final Report – November 2020 (PDF)

Download Camden Health and Care Citizens' Assembly Expectations Highlight Report – December 2020 (PDF)

Citizens' Assembly sessions overview

All sessions were facilitated by Kaleidoscope Health and Care – a social enterprise that brings people together to improve health and care.

The first session was held at the Crowndale Centre in February 2020. Further sessions were postponed due to the outbreak of coronavirus, but the Assembly was relaunched online in June. Significant efforts were made to ensure every Assembly member was able to take part in a meaningful way – read Kaleidoscope’s blog post about this experience and tips for running accessible digital events

Session 1: 29 February 2020
Setting out priority areas

Download session 1 overview (PDF)

Session 2: 29 June 2020
Refocusing priority areas in response to COVID-19

Download session 2 overview (PDF)

Session 3: 27 July 2020
Deep dive into priority 1: reducing health inequalities

Download session 3 overview (PDF)

Session 4: 1 September 2020
Deep dive into priority 2: ensuring residents can stay healthy, safe and well in Camden, particularly around mental health and emotional wellbeing

Download session 4 overview (PDF)

Session 5: 26 September 2020
Deep dive into priority 3: ensuring local services work together to meet the needs of residents, and communicate effectively with residents – and setting expectations 

Overview coming soon 

Citizen scientists

Citizens’ Assembly members were asked to document how COVID-19 had impacted their lives, and to speak to friends, family or neighbours to capture how coronavirus has affected their lives. A range of insights were collected, including written accounts, poems, presentations and video diaries.

Download citizen scientists – summary of findings (PDF)