Introducing new reusable bags across Camden Markets

In light of the new ban on single-use plastics coming into effect 1 October, Raze and Camden Council have partnered up to replace single-use plastic bags across Camden Markets with free, eco-friendly paper alternatives. Camden Council are going a step further on this plastics ban ahead of legislation, as the new ban does not cover bags.

But these are not just any paper bags, as each bag can connect to the Raze app via uniquely printed QR codes and proprietary advertising technology which incentivises shoppers to reuse them in return for rewards i.e. ‘Raze Coins’ and plastic offsetting via the Plastic Bank.  

Each Raze Bag is strong, water-resistant, eco-friendly, carbon-neutral, and will be provided to market traders and customers free of charge.  

Starting with an initial order of 5,000 bags, Camden is creating an opportunity for traders, shoppers and local businesses to trial this pioneering initiative.

The longer-term goal is to both replace all market single-use plastic bags with free, eco-friendly alternatives, whilst simultaneously opening up a new advertising channel for local businesses and/or forward thinking advertisers, where the combination of Raze bags and the Raze app can help to drive both in-store footfall and online web traffic.

How does it work:

Each customer gets a free bag either via one of our markets or through the Raze app. They can activate the bag by using the Raze app to scan the unique QR code on their bag every time they reuse it. 

Through Raze’s proprietary advertising technology, Raze rewards carriers for reusing the bag and thus promoting the business advertised on it. These rewards translate into further plastic offsetting and ‘Raze Coins’, which they can redeem against Good Brands listed within the Raze app, where 100 coins = £1. 

Coins can currently be redeemed on brands such as Allplants, Dr Wills, Ethosa, IKO Drinks, Love Raw,  Milk & More, MOTH Drinks, Ocean Bottle, Pact Coffee, Scrumbles, Simply Roasted Crisps, SLY DOG Rum, Toast Ale, TOTM, and Unplugged.

Each journey gives you different earnings depending on the time, distance covered and area (i.e. busy areas with higher footfall, like markets, would typically generate more coins). 

How to take part / key beneficiaries:

There are multiple beneficiaries via this win-win-win-win initiative.

  • Traders receive free, eco-friendly, water-resistant paper bags for their customers 
  • Shoppers receive free, eco-friendly, water-resistant paper bags while they shop at the markets. They can then activate each bag and earn rewards as they go about their day.
  • Local businesses unlock a new means to reach local consumers, through a new cost-effective advertising channel that can drive both in-store and online traffic.
  • The planet has less demand for single-use plastic, less need for bags overall, and sees advertising budgets redirected to people and good causes.
  • The council works towards its net-zero goals, replacing single-use plastics across markets and further reducing the need for bags in the first place, saving traders money.
  • Local businesses and advertisers interested in taking part in advertising on these bags should email

Launch: 29 September at Chalton Street Market (soft launch) and on 6 October at Inverness Street Market, with expansion to other markets thereafter. 

Rhyl Primary School offers a kitchen space for traders

Rhyl Kitchen at Rhyl Primary School are supporting local food starts with storage and food preparation. Traders are able to book a regular slot in the kitchen and can rent fridge and freezer space by the shelf.

Requesting a space is easy, Tom Moggach who runs the set up will meet with applicants to check the facility can meet your needs.  The prices are variable depending on the stage of the trader and new start-ups will get a reduced rate, while they establish their business.  Successful applicants will be provided a fob so they can access the site when needed. The kitchen is accessible during the weekday before 4pm. 

Traders using the facility will need to be covered by their own public insurance and Tom is also able to give pointers on how to do this.

The kitchen is already supporting local business:

  • A local pastry chef now uses the kitchen on two evenings a week to make her products for market stalls in Camden and Islington.
  • A Nigerian chef use the space as a production kitchen for one-off events.  
  • And they are supporting another start-up called Granoli who make granola

To get in touch, call the office at Rhyl Community Primary School on 020 7485 4899. You can contact Tom Moggach, Project Manager, directly on 07595 945040 or

For more information on what the kitchen offers, visit the site Rhyl Kitchen Classroom.

Calling all entrepreneurs aged between 17 and 30 years old to take part in the Young Traders Market Campaign 2023

The Young Traders Market is offering the opportunity to open your own stall and take part in the campaign. Your product can range from crafts, jewellery, clothing, hot and cold food, flowers.

It is free to trade and we will supply you with a stall, a pitch and support you along the way. You will chose a market site to take part in one of the heats:

  • Leather Lane - Thurs 29th June
  • Inverness Street - Saturday 1st July

If you have any questions or would like to request an Expression of Interest form and reserve your spot at any of the three market locations listed aboveplease contact:

The winner from these heats will go to the Hackney South East Regional Final on Sunday 16th July. All young traders must register on the NMTF website to be able to participate at the Regional and National Finals.

The finals will be held at the magnificent Waterside in Stratford upon Avon on the bank holiday weekend Friday and Saturday 26, 27 August 2023. The winner will take home a trophy, £500 cash, and a Multipay mobile credit card terminal.

Here is a video of the 2020 winner Nicky Mills, Pen & Gwyn in which she explains how the competition benefited her and her business.

New proposed street trading fees 2023

Following from the consultation that took part between 16 February and 17 March 2023, it has been agreed that the fees and charges will be increased by 6.99% from 1 May 2023.

For more information about the proposed fees and charges, please refer to the attached letter: Fees and Charges Consultation Letter March 2023.

Also visit Trading fees and charges - Camden Council for more information on the current rates. 

Markets newsletter

If you would like to subscribe to our Markets Newsletter, please email us at:

Once you subscribe, you will be receiving the newsletter quarterly via email. 

Our Markets Newsletter focuses on upcoming projects, events and news for traders, but it may also interest residents. We welcome any good news stories that you would like to share.

Please email with your story to get the chance of featuring it in the upcoming editions.

You can follow and share your business activities on our social media accounts:

Facebook: CamdenMarkets1
Twitter: @CamdenMarkets

Love your local market campaign 

Every year NABMA (The National Association of British Market Authorities) runs a National Campaign under the slogan “Love Your Local Market”. The campaign highlights the importance of markets at the heart of local communities and economies. For the past nine years the campaign has been a great success with hundreds of markets taking part worldwide.

The campaign usually takes place over two weeks in the summer. Please visit the NABMA website to find the dates for this year. 

We encourage you to take part in the campaign by offering consumers small discounts and by actively promoting the campaign. NABMA has put together a free promotion pack, which you can download and use at your stall: Love Your Local Market - NABMA.

If you are a new trader and need some guidance to start your business, you can use the NMTF (National Market Traders Federation) fully interactive ‘Spring Into Markets’ guide completely free.

In return, we would like to offer you the opportunity to trade at any of our street markets for £11.00 during the campaign period. You can find more information about our markets here.

If you are an existing trader, already licensed by us or another London local authority, you only need to send us an email to with your availability, commodity, Public liability insurance and Level 2 food hygiene and safety certificate (if you want to sell food) to trade on any of the upcoming campaign days and we will reserve a space for you.

If you are a new trader, willing to start with your business, please get in touch with us and we will advise you further of what information we will need to issue you with a licence. 

We will be also supporting you to boost your social media presence.

Special Markets offer:

We are looking for new traders to join us at Chalton Street Market. We're particularly keen to hear from people who trade in locally sourced fruits and vegetables, vintage, second-hand clothing, or are entrusted in delivering community craft and/or DIY workshops.

If you're interested in joining us, please email us at: or call 020 7974 3864 for more information.

We have a special discounted daily pitch price of £10.91 and £6.54 per additional pitch which is open to all new Chalton Street Market applicants.

In addition, we offer you up 3 days of free trading and parking and can support you with a gazebo and table. 

Please see visit our markets in Camden page to find out more about each market.

What Camden has to offer:

  • our charges are below the London average
  • our markets are in key shopping areas: Camden Town, Holborn, Coven Garden, Bloomsbury, Belsize and Haverstock
  • Camden has a diverse population with a wide range of shopping needs and interests, so you're bound to find a customer base to suit you
  • we are investing in the environment, management and promotion of our markets
  • we are committed to the long term sustainability of markets: we believe they are a vital part of our local economy and communities

Before you apply to trade in Camden we advise you to:

  • find out about our markets. You are welcome to ask a market officer about the opportunities available and plans for each market
  • check the suitability of the market
  • visit the market to see if the commodity you intend to sell is widely available or not
  • talk to an existing market trader and market officer to get a feel for the way we work

Refill station Camden

We have teamed up with Hemingway Design to build Refill Station Camden—our first trailer stall made from reclaimed and recycled materials.

Refill Station Camden sells unpackaged grains, liquids and cleaning products to customers with their own reusable bags, mugs or boxes. Biodegradable, recyclable or reusable storage containers are also be available.

We are partnering with local entrepreneurs, businesses, and market traders to help promote and sell local, ethical products and services to Camden residents at affordable prices.

This project is part funded by the London Waste & Recycling Board, and is supported by the North London Waste Authority and Fair-well.

Where can I find the Refill Station?

  • Fair-well truck at Queen’s Crescent Market on Thursdays
  • Our Little Markets new Cleaning and cleansing barrow stall at Chalton Street Market on Fridays
  • The Refill Dried Spices Herbs and Teas stall at Chalton Street on Fridays. The Gallery shop will trade at the Covered Market in Granary Square on Saturdays. 

For more information about our partners who will run the Refill Stations, please visit:

This is fair-wells main page. Fair-Well | Local Shopping Without Waste
Our Little Markets main page Our Little Markets
The Chalton Street Gallery Shop Floricanto | The Online Marketplace for Fresh Herbs, Spices, and Teas | Flori Canto

Free healthy start vouchers accepted at Chalton street Market

If you are pregnant or have a young child under four you could be eligible to get Healthy Start vouchers, which can be exchanged for milk, infant formula, fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables.

You can use your vouchers at the Chalton Street Market fruit and veg stall, every Friday between 10am-4pm. You can either ‘pick your own’ or choose a ready-made fruit and veg bag.

Camden Markets consultation report 2019

Camden commissioned Hemingway Design to develop a ‘Street Market Vision’ and delivery approaches for Inverness Street Market with links to Camden’s wider street markets portfolio. 'Camden Markets Vision and Recommendations' was published in 2019.