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If you find record(s) that you want further information on using these search tools, send an email to

To view plans, you need to get written consent from the freeholder of the building(s) in question.

You can use our search form for that purpose by having it signed by the freeholder or their legal representative. (search request form - PDF 190KB).

We advise you email us for confirmation that there are records to request/search.

Until further notice we are only able to fulfill requests for completion certificates, and providing general information on listings in our database, because under the current global situation with COVID-19 it is unfortunately we are not in the position to allow any visit to our premises to view the information hold for the property in question.

The Government announcement on Monday 23rd March 2020 regarding further restrictions on the movement of people, the need for social distancing and travel for all but essential purposes, most of the Council staff is now working remotely and unable to fulfill your request.

Please also note that the information held cannot be shared electronically as it protected under Copyright Law.